Flip the script

on Price Transparency

Easily audit, monitor, and manage charge data integrity with ChargeAssist®

  • Easy pricing analysis modules to compare, model and defend hospital & physician charges
  • Integrated fee schedule, charge utilization & cost data
  • Customized provider analysis for any combination of hospital, physician & other provider types
  • Room & board and market rates by DRG
  • Simple reporting of pricing justification when questions arise

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Become a master

CDM education and training

Learn methods to proactively control charge management and lead your team

  • Charge management education & training
  • CDM Coordinator education tailored to any level of experience
  • Charge Master Team strategic working sessions & support
  • Department-specific Charge Master assistance

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We have your back

H&A consulting services

H&A engagements include prioritized and quantifiable charge issue identification and operational strategies for process improvements and controls

  • Charge Master Reviews
  • Targeted Audits
  • Charge Management Process Improvement
  • Strategic Support

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Our Charge Management solutions will transform your bottom line, but don’t take our word for it

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