H&A Educational Services: Programs that Empower Hospital Teams

  • CDM Coordinator Education
  • Chargemaster Team Strategic Programs
  • Department-Specific Sessions
  • H&A or Association – Sponsored Group Programs

Skills Improvement –CDM Coordinators and hospital teams refine their skills and analytical techniques through our programs’ in-depth charge data management curriculum. Your team will learn methods to proactively manage the many processes and priorities that arise daily.

Customized & Personalized – Programs are geared to your team’s skills and knowledge levels. We carefully assess progress to ensure good comprehension and solid understanding of the lecture content.

Results-Focused – Chargemaster Education is not only skills-based learning, but strategic nature. Your team will learn how to modernize hospital charge data management through educational lectures, exercises, and critical process improvement discussions.

Group Learning Opportunities – For hospitals looking for economically-priced education and an opportunity to get to know our company, public classes are an ideal introduction. Watch for announcements of Annual CDM Update classes as well as other group educational venues offered throughout the year. These programs are provided in a variety of venues including web-based working sessions, on site at your facility, or in our Truckee, CA offices.