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The ChargeAssist consulting team often uncovers erroneous CDM content for intraocular lenses. This brief “CDM Quick Tips” reference document outlines CMS current IOL information.

CMS New Technology Intraocular Lenses (NTIOLs) Resources

As we look at CMS website, the agency says “There are no CMS approved NTIOLS at this time.” Our team and proactive CDM Managers believe the CMS website is a critical site to monitor routinely. It contains various lens information and a beneficial xl file of lenses designated as NTIOL historically. The key take-away: No Q codes for NTIOLs should be listed in your chargemaster file at this time.

HCPCS Level II code Assignment for IOLs

Importantly, don’t incorrectly code the “New Technology Intraocular Lens” (NTIOL) coding Q1003 – Q1005 in your CDM. They can only be used for lenses that meet the New Technology CMS designation. Note that Q1003 was deleted in 2011 and Q1004 and Q1005 are currently non-covered by Medicare.

OPPS SI New Deleted
Deleted Code in 2Q2011:
New technology intraocular lens category 3 (reduced spherical aberration)   No Yes
Active Code: Q1004 New technology intraocular lens category 4 as defined in federal register notice E1 No No
Active Code: Q1005 New technology intraocular lens category 5 as defined in federal register notice E1 No No

Alternative codes for intraocular lens charges are HCPCS codes in the V range. There are five V range Intraocular Lens codes as noted in the table below. Consider OPPS Status Indicators (or I/OCE edits if CAH payment methodology) to know which codes can be billed to Medicare.

OPPS SI New Deleted
V2630 Anterior chamber intraocular lens N No No
V2631 Iris supported intraocular lens N No No
V2632 Posterior chamber intraocular lens N No No
V2787 Astigmatism correcting function of intraocular lens E1 No No
V2788 Presbyopia correcting function of intraocular lens E1 No No

Revenue Codes

Remember that OCE edits require a HCPCS with 0276 Revenue Code for intraocular lens charges. There is no differing Revenue Code designation of “new technology” lens vs a traditional intraocular lens.

Medicare Coverage for IOLs

As noted above, look at OCE edits or OPPS Status Indicators to identify codes that CMS will allow. While there are no diagnosis restrictions for the procedure codes in the V range, one policy document was found in ChargeAssist LCD/NCD module. Transmittal 1430 of 2/1/08 outlined the use of V2787 for billing Astigmatism-Correcting Intraocular Lens (A-C IOLs) in Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs), Physician Offices, and Hospital Outpatient Departments (HOPDs).

IOL Chargemaster Pricing

Ensure that IOL pricing is appropriate, as they are a commonly-charged product that patients will likely shop for. With public CDM data available, patients will be able to look up the lens price before trying to understand the entire cost of the associated insertion procedure. Because hospitals are competing with various ambulatory and physician vision center environments, be sure your pricing is competitive. (Use the ChargeAssist Pricing Studies module for this information in a variety of provider environments.)

Charge Master Management Take-Away

Intraocular lens CDM coding is often missed by Chargemaster teams. Don’t let this basic mistake cause inaccurate claims that must be corrected by billing or coding colleagues.

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