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CDM Transparency – 1Q19 Update 

CDM Transparency – 1Q19 update   The CMS “Pricing Transparency” regulatory requirements kept hospitals and their trusted consulting partners busy over the past few months. This article shares information on the current state of the industry, hospital needs, best practices, benefits of chargemaster software, and expectations for the future.   Where we are Today In […]

Q&A from CMS Leaves Hospital Questions Unanswered

H&A CDM Transparency Series CMS has provided more clarification on the hospital charge transparency mandate effective 1/1/19. Since the release of our 9/4/18 article, we have presented to an HFMA chapter meeting, and participated in numerous calls with customers and business colleagues  to hear what others are planning. State Hospital Association representatives have requested CMS […]

IPPS CDM Public Access Announcement Causing Confusion & Concerns: Tips for Hospital Action Plans

In this H&A CDM Transparency Series we focus on IPPS CDM Public Access Regulations focusing on tips for hospital action plans. In this post, we have included unknowns and questions in”What Hospitals are Asking”, our forecasts of”What to Expect”, and our thoughts on”What You Can Do”. What hospitals are asking The relatively-vague CMS publication requirements […]

IPPS CDM Public Access Announcement Causing Confusion & Concerns: Part 1 New Medicare Rules

With minimal guidance in the IPPS Final Rule, hospital teams are wondering how they should address expanded Charge Master publication requirements coming in January. Many have concerns about anti-competitive and public relations impacts. Others are more focused on the operational processes that need to be done during the busy fourth quarter. In this H&A CDM […]