CDM Manager™ – A total Chargemaster Audit Suite tool that saves valuable maintenance and management time by integrating key regulatory and payment information with each charge item. All the information you need to ensure accurate and correct charge usage is in one easily-accessible location. CDM Manager™ instantly enhances revenue, and consistently assures compliance.

Price Analyzer Suite™ – Chargemaster Pricing remains pivotal to many hospitals’ profitability, but must be reasonable, strategic, and defensible. Our suite of analysis tools gives you control over hospital, physician, Inpatient clinical, and SNF/Hospice/Home Health pricing decisions. Making defensible price changes with the Price Analyzer Suite allows hospitals to:

  • Confirm market position and model changes according to internal pricing policies
  • Evaluate prices relative to cost, payment, or relative value sources
  • Assess charges against similar items system-wide
  • Forecast financial impact through simple, quick, models

Change Monitor™ – Informal, last minute requests undermine Chargemaster quality and controls. Change Monitor™ streamlines your facility’s house-wide Chargemaster maintenance collaboration, supports auditing & monitoring, and creates compliance-focused logs. Hospitals are amazed at the sudden improvements when they link internal and external resources, policies, procedures, and references to their charges.

Ultimate Research Center™ – Chargemaster Management requires review, action, and control over a massive amount of ever-changing information. Panacea’s unique Resource Center puts all the information you need in a simple, user-friendly module, and allows distribution to your team so they can learn along the way. ChargeAssist® Resources help you manage charge processes and solve daily challenges quickly and easily.

Our Evolving Product Development Lifecycle

We know you work hard for assured charge integrity. Panacea’s agile development approach allows rapid deployment of customer-requested enhancements and new applications as the industry changes.

We are constantly enhancing our Chargemaster tool product suites to ensure your valuable Chargemaster Management budget is spent on the best tools available.

Contact us at (800) 831-3323 or to talk to our team about perfecting your health system’s Chargemaster Management with ChargeAssist®.

*HFMA staff and volunteers determined that this product has met certain criteria developed under the HFMA Peer Review Process. HFMA does not endorse or guarantee the use of this product.