About Us: How Holliday & Associates Serves You

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Why ChargeAssist®?

Experience – Holliday & Associates has built ChargeAssist® based on extensive Charge Master, healthcare and software development expertise. Our strategic approach to Chargemaster product development is based on hands-on Chargemaster Review work, customer feedback, and our knowledge of Charge Management best practices.

Mission – Our mission is to provide the industry with easy, robust, and affordable Charge Management solutions.

Quality – Our products are built upon proven methodology and analytical techniques that have been successful for over 20 years. Through extensive internal quality management protocol, you are assured all data is accurate to regulatory updates.

Tools – Our unique, deployable tools make Charge Management easy, yet comprehensive. Our agile product development allows us to respond to customer needs with rapid deployment of cutting-edge functionality.

Results – ChargeAssist® provides robust, easy-to-use Chargemaster tool for proactive, compliant and profitable Charge Management.

Why Holliday & Associates’ Services?

Experience – Holliday & Associates has specialized solely in Hospital Charge Master Management since 1990. Our revenue cycle and compliance solutions include Charge Master auditing and reference products, CDM consulting, and Charge Master Coordinator and CDM Team education.

Mission – Our mission is to provide guidance and information to allow hospitals to successfully maintain their Charge Master files, comply with ever-changing coding and regulatory requirements, eliminate charge related compliance risks and ensure accurate and appropriate reimbursement.

Quality – High-quality engagements  are assured with expertise staffing, project methodology, and analytical techniques. We use redundant data analysis processes with a team of auditors credentialed in coding, ancillary services, information systems, and clinical practices.

Results – Consulting, education, and process improvement solutions from Holliday & Associates consistently result in proactive, compliant, and profitable CDM Management for our customers.