Panacea Charge Management Educational Services: Programs that Empower Hospital Teams

  • CDM Coordinator Education
  • Chargemaster Team Strategic Programs
  • Department-Specific Coaching Sessions
  • Annual CDM Update Programs

Skills Improvement –CDM Coordinators and hospital teams refine their skills and analytical techniques through our programs’ in-depth Charge Master Management curriculum. Your team will learn methods to proactively manage the many processes and priorities that arise daily. The Program Manual and lecture content are extensive, taking the attendees from basic regulatory and coding information to training on how to improve Charge Management in their unique healthcare environment. Educational materials include not only best practice content, but assessments, questionnaires for process improvements, and sample policies that help you improve your skills.

Customized & Personalized – Programs are geared to your team’s skills and knowledge levels. We carefully assess students’ skill levels and progress to ensure good comprehension and solid understanding of the lecture content.

Results-Focused – Chargemaster Education is not only skills-based learning, but strategic in nature. Your team will learn how to modernize hospital charge data management through educational lectures, exercises, and critical process improvement discussions.

Data-Driven Annual CDM Update Program – ChargeAssist® customers are provided Annual CDM Update streaming webinar sessions every December. This informative program has been provided for multiple decades, and is often the starting point for education for hospital and health system CDM update process improvements.