CDM Manager™

 CDM Manager™ is a robust Chargemaster tools auditing suite designed to support masterfile updates, in-house or consultant-supported audits, and ad-hoc monitoring of charge-related data elements. This module is a component of the HFMA Peer Reviewed® ChargeAssist® Chargemaster tools software suite.

 Proactive Chargemaster management requires organized, streamlined workflow processes with capabilities for tracking, monitoring, and auditing masterfile content against ever-changing payment system and coding rules. Well-designed, intuitive Chargemaster auditing tools can be pivotal to keeping complex tasks organized and accurate.

 The CDM Manager™ suite’s multiple auditing and monitoring modules are integrated components of the ChargeAssist® product. Over 40 default audit protocols provide an immediate evaluation of your Chargemaster health. For more in-depth and customized analyses, users have unlimited ability to search, find, filter, sort, and report their data with easy-to-use audit grids.  CDM teams and consulting product users integrate tool use with their internal workflow processes by selecting and saving preferred analysis models for future monitoring tasks.


  • Create improved Chargemaster data quality controls for existing and new charge items
  • Ensure ongoing Chargemaster accuracy as coding and regulatory system data changes
  • Monitor additional files or data elements that interface or override the CDM
  • Increase collaboration and department engagement by sharing audit module results
  • Develop improved audit trails to avoid gaps in maintenance or missed data revision requirements

*HFMA staff and volunteers determined that this product has met certain criteria developed under the HFMA Peer Review Process. HFMA does not endorse or guarantee the use of this product.