Panacea Charge Management Consulting: Experienced. Efficient. Effective.

  • Chargemaster Reviews
  • Targeted Audits 
  • Charge Management Process Improvement
  • Strategic Support
  • CDM Standardization or Consolidation Assistance

Strategic – Today’s hospital executives, Revenue Cycle leaders, Compliance Officers, and attorneys want Charge Master Review engagements that accurately identify risk and uncover compliant revenue opportunities. Panacea  engagements include quantifiable issue identification, as well as operational strategies for process improvements and controls.

Analytical – Your file is assessed by the Panacea Audit Team – credentialed coding professionals and seasoned CDM auditors. The team’s experience as hospital managers and directors means your hospital data is reviewed with clinical and technical expertise. Data is also analyzed through our proprietary tools to ensure every data anomaly is found.

High Quality – Chargemaster review engagements require exceptional data analysis, meaningful recommendations, and strategic expertise. We look at not only all data elements in your file, but also analyze your data against applicable payment system indicators and edits that direct how charges may be treated by Medicare and other payers.

Long Term – Panacea consulting engagements empower your team in its quest for internalized charge data management success. During our projects and throughout our support relationship, your hospital will receive strategies to solve its most challenging issues.