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Chargemaster Guide for the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency: Part 2 Laboratory Public Health Emergency CDM topics

Laboratory departments will need to stay vigilant for additional AMA and CMS updates for COVID test coding as well as other regulatory changes during the Public Health Emergency period.

Chargemaster Guide for the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency: Part 1 – COVID-19 PHE Background & Resources

Proactive monitoring of CMS and other payer coding and claims requirements is more essential now than ever to ensure correct charging, billing and payments.

2019 Hospital Price Transparency Overview

H&A Comments on Hospital Price Transparency Final Rule Price transparency mandates will take on new and more extensive requirements based on a Final Rule published within the Federal Register on 11/16/19. Despite many comments from the industry regarding the rule’s implementation challenges and administrative burdens, CMS’ requirements remain closely aligned with the Proposed Rule and […]

Will Industry Comments on Price Transparency Make a Difference?

Public Comments on Price Transparency were significant. Hospitals and health systems need to start planning now for expanded requirements from CMS.

June 24th Executive Order: Improving Price & Quality Transparency

An Executive Order was recently issued stipulating expanded healthcare price and quality transparency mandates. Hospital leadership, Revenue Cycle, and CDM Teams must carefully monitor how these mandates unfold.

Price Transparency “Round 2”– CMS Seeks Input

Price Transparency “Round 2”– CMS Seeks Input The CMS “Pricing Transparency” may be taking a more significant turn based on a proposed rule from March 4, 2019. The topic of hospital prices has now been intertwined with potentially expanding rules on “information blocking”. This article shares a section of the language from a March 4th […]

CDM Transparency – 1Q19 Update 

This article shares information on the current state of the industry, hospital needs, best practices, benefits of chargemaster software, and expectations for the future.

Annual CDM Update Tasks Your Team Can Easily Miss

On January 1st, hospital and other healthcare provider claims annually fall under new coding and payment rules. We’ve compiled a checklist of several key tasks to help ensure complete implementation of the annual 1st quarter's CDM updates, and readiness for the other important, yet smaller quarterly updates.

What Your Shopping Public Needs to Know

The Chargemaster: What your Shopping Public Needs to Know Will the 2019 CMS chargemaster pricing transparency requirements confuse patients? …Most likely…  Hospitals will likely vary in the details and scope of their patient communications relative to pricing transparency and Charge Master publication. We have provided ideas for how to communicate with your shopping public to […]