Part 1 – January 2022 Price Transparency Series: Advocacy Groups & the Press

...since hospital pricing, Hospital Information Systems, and patient care are complex and highly varied, arguments about pricing were difficult to dispute without comparative data...

Price Transparency Part 2 – Tactical Mistakes

Tactical mistakes for Price Transparency include failing to fully adopt CMS regulations, and utilizing practices that create barriers to data access.
don't be blind to the financial risk of non-compliance

Price Transparency Part 3 : The Cost of Non-Compliance

Hospitals failing to meet CMS mandates are not only being called out in the news; they are also being contacted for corrective action plans and risk mounting fines.

Finalized 2022 Price Transparency Updates

in the 2022 Price Transparency Final Rule, CMS discusses the statutory basis and background of the Rule, intention of the regulation, ongoing concerns with the industry’s compliance to the rules, 2022 proposals, summary, and responses to public comments, and final decisions.

CPT Consumer-Friendly Descriptors Become Friendlier

CPT® Consumer-Friendly descriptions have been in existence for some time, but were never a reliable data element for wide-spread utilization in hospital charging master files.

Insider Tips for Chargemaster Software Selection

This blog post includes common challenges as well as the best five 'Insider Tips’ for a more proactive approach when selecting a new CDM tool.

New Technology IOLs – Is your CDM correct?

As of 1Q19, there are five V range Intraocular Lens codes as noted in the table below. Consider OPPS Status Indicators (or I/OCE edits if CAH payment methodology) to know which codes can be billed to Medicare.

Court Upholds Hospital Price Transparency 2021 Rules

on June 23, a federal judge upheld CMS regulations for January 2021 expanded price transparency requirements

Chargemaster Guide for the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency: Part 2 Laboratory Public Health Emergency CDM topics

Laboratory departments will need to stay vigilant for additional AMA and CMS updates for COVID test coding as well as other regulatory changes during the Public Health Emergency period.

Chargemaster Guide for the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency: Part 1 – COVID-19 PHE Background & Resources

Proactive monitoring of CMS and other payer coding and claims requirements is more essential now than ever to ensure correct charging, billing and payments.