Charge Master Maintenance

New Insider Tips for Chargemaster Software Selection

This blog post includes common challenges as well as the best five 'Insider Tips’ for a more proactive approach when selecting a new CDM tool.

CDM Transparency – 1Q19 Update 

This article shares information on the current state of the industry, hospital needs, best practices, benefits of chargemaster software, and expectations for the future.

Annual CDM Update Tasks Your Team Can Easily Miss

On January 1st, hospital and other healthcare provider claims annually fall under new coding and payment rules. We’ve compiled a checklist of several key tasks to help ensure complete implementation of the annual 1st quarter's CDM updates, and readiness for the other important, yet smaller quarterly updates.

Charge Master “Spring Cleaning” Tips

  Charge Master “Spring Cleaning” Tips Now that the 1st quarter of 2018 is behind us, it’s time to revisit your organization’s Charge Management priorities. Here are seven easy “Spring Cleaning” tips that result in dramatic, strategic improvements. I.   Identify Charge Management Priority Issues All Charge Master Teams tell us they face a constant barrage […]

Annual Update Processes: Build a Work Plan that Really Works

Annual Update Processes: Build a Work Plan that Really Works This is another article in our Annual Update Process series, designed to help with your health system’s Charge Master and other masterfile update plans for year-end. Proactive teams have already begun 2018 update planning. They have used our earlier articles for tips on planning, staffing, […]

CDM Management Strategies: Improving Charge Descriptions

CDM Management Strategies: Improving Charge Descriptions Part 1 – Charge Description Risks, Influences, & Improvement Strategies Does your hospital have a clear and definitive policy for charge descriptions? Hospitals and health systems are often challenged by how they should address billing descriptions. Updates are often low priority despite their importance. Let’s talk about the challenges […]

Charge Management Assessment

Charge Management Assessment Periodic assessments help health systems evaluate their charge and CDM Management processes, and refine their organizations’ unique priorities. The assessment that follows can be performed prior to and periodically following process improvement work to quantify charge management success. Charge Management teams can apply common risk management concepts for assessing their organizational charge […]

Hospital Prices in the News: 10 Tips

Hospital Prices in the News: 10 Tips Poor communication on pricing can undermine patient loyalty and community support. The recent Modern Healthcare article “Stricter Chargemaster Regulations Needed to Rein in Healthcare Pricing” may have already caused ripples in the boardroom. It’s important to know what the press is saying, and communicate proactively about your pricing […]