CDM Transparency – 1Q19 Update 

This article shares information on the current state of the industry, hospital needs, best practices, benefits of chargemaster software, and expectations for the future.
don't be blind to the financial risk of non-compliance

Succeed with Internal Pricing Analysis: Part 3. Avoid Pricing Analysis Pitfalls

Succeed with Internal Pricing Analysis: Part 3. Avoid Pricing Analysis Pitfalls In Part 1 of our “Succeed with Internal Pricing Analysis” series, we outlined strategic planning tips to help your in-house pricing project run smoothly. Part 2 provided examples of analytical options. This is our final article of this series and addresses risks to avoid. […]

Annual CDM Update Mistakes You Can Avoid

Fear of Failing: Annual CDM Update Mistakes You Can Avoid She’d been on the job just two short weeks. Hired at the most prestigious health system in the region, and already on the brink of a major Revenue Cycle catastrophe. Claims were clearly going to error for every patient account that had charges needing January […]

Charge Management Assessment

Charge Management Assessment Periodic assessments help health systems evaluate their charge and CDM Management processes, and refine their organizations’ unique priorities. The assessment that follows can be performed prior to and periodically following process improvement work to quantify charge management success. Charge Management teams can apply common risk management concepts for assessing their organizational charge […]

Quantifying CDM Audit Results

Quantifying CDM Audit Results CFOs often ask their teams about return on investment projections before investing in new Charge Master software or projects. Similarly, compliance staff may worry about exposure when charge data errors have been uncovered. Beyond the operational efficiencies of Charge Master software and consulting, there are often measurable results that must be […]