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2019 Hospital Price Transparency Overview

H&A Comments on Hospital Price Transparency Final Rule Price transparency mandates will take on new and more extensive requirements based on a Final Rule published within the Federal Register on 11/16/19. Despite many comments from the industry regarding the rule’s implementation challenges and administrative burdens, CMS’ requirements remain closely aligned with the Proposed Rule and […]

Will Industry Comments on Price Transparency Make a Difference?

Public Comments on Price Transparency were significant. Hospitals and health systems need to start planning now for expanded requirements from CMS.

June 24th Executive Order: Improving Price & Quality Transparency

An Executive Order was recently issued stipulating expanded healthcare price and quality transparency mandates. Hospital leadership, Revenue Cycle, and CDM Teams must carefully monitor how these mandates unfold.

What Your Shopping Public Needs to Know

The Chargemaster: What your Shopping Public Needs to Know Will the 2019 CMS chargemaster pricing transparency requirements confuse patients? …Most likely…  Hospitals will likely vary in the details and scope of their patient communications relative to pricing transparency and Charge Master publication. We have provided ideas for how to communicate with your shopping public to […]

CDM Transparency – More Speculation & More Confusion

CDM Transparency – More speculation & More confusion (CDM Transparency Series) Late in the year, we find ourselves working with limited details and much industry concern about the CMS Charge Master publication requirements. Here at H&A, we’ve been collaborating with colleagues and clients alike to hear what hospitals are planning to meet the CDM Transparency […]

CMS’ FAQs for Price Transparency

This post section includes Medicare’s original FAQ document on Price Transparency. (Further CMS FAQs are in the section that follows.) Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Requirements for Hospitals To Make Public a List of Their Standard Charges via the Internet Q. What format is a hospital required to use to make public a list of their […]

Price Transparency Requirements for Hospitals

Q&A from CMS Leaves Hospital Questions Unanswered H&A CDM Transparency Series CMS has provided more clarification on the requirements for hospitals with the charge transparency mandate effective 1/1/19. Since the release of our 9/4/18 article, we have presented to an HFMA chapter meeting, and participated in numerous calls with customers and business colleagues to hear […]

IPPS CDM Announcement: Tips for Hospital Action Plans

IPPS CDM Public Access Announcement Causing Confusion & Concerns: Tips for Hospital Action Plans In this H&A CDM Pricing Transparency Series we focus on IPPS CDM Public Access Regulations focusing on tips for hospital action plans. The migration towards full pricing transparency is clearly underway and appears to be here to stay. We have included […]

IPPS CDM Announcement: Part 1 New Medicare Rules

IPPS CDM Public Access Announcement Causing Confusion & Concerns: Part 1 New Medicare Rules With minimal guidance in the IPPS Final Rule, hospital teams are wondering how they should address expanded Charge Master publication requirements regarding price transparency coming in January. Many have concerns about anti-competitive and public relations impacts. Others are more focused on […]
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Succeed with Internal Pricing Analysis: Part 3. Avoid Pricing Analysis Pitfalls

Succeed with Internal Pricing Analysis: Part 3. Avoid Pricing Analysis Pitfalls In Part 1 of our “Succeed with Internal Pricing Analysis” series, we outlined strategic planning tips to help your in-house pricing project run smoothly. Part 2 provided examples of analytical options. This is our final article of this series and addresses risks to avoid. […]